All About Our First Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy Training Session

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Meduc8ion have some great news that we would like to share with you: we held our first Ear Anatomy and Otoscopy course session last week! It was a tremendous success and a great pleasure both for our participants and our course trainer Priya Tank alike so, naturally, we would like to tell you all about it:

Focusing on Clarity

The course is specially designed for healthcare professionals and is meant to function as either an introduction or a refresher into the world of ear anatomy and otoscopy. This is why it was of great significance to us to truly start from scratch and give our trainees the opportunity to develop or enhance their foundational skills in Audiology through a smooth, uncomplicated process.

To achieve this, we ensured that the educational material was presented in a clear, easy to understand manner and that the information was conveyed with precision and clarity.

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The Importance of Good Note-Taking

During the session, our course trainer Priya directed the participants’ attention towards the importance of taking good notes. Not only could the notes function as a study tool for our trainees later on, but the process of note-taking itself helped them engage with the educational material more actively and thus provided them with a better understanding of the information presented, helping them remember it more easily.

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Correcting Mistakes

Since learning from mistakes is an important part of every educational process, we wanted to ensure that our participants have a safe space for doing so.

The course session gave the health professionals that took part the opportunity to practice ear otoscopy on each other in a controlled environment, meaning that any mistakes that they were making in terms of proper handling of the otoscope, correct bracing of the face, etc. could be corrected by our course trainer right away. This allowed the participants to practice safely, receiving invaluable experience in the field of otoscopy.

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Re-assurance of Skill

We have previously discussed on this blog how important a good understanding of ear anatomy and otoscopy is for practicing audiologists. Some current trends which involve practicing otoscopy on dummy dolls for training purposes hide dangers in regard to future patients’ safety. 

This is because real life ear canals are curved and dummy model replications are usually created straight. This prevents trainees from familiarising themselves with the process of examining a real ear and may even create a false sense of confidence regarding the level of their skills.

Practicing on real-life human ears in a safe, controlled environment not only allowed our candidates to learn, but ultimately also served as a great confidence booster, providing the participants with re-assurance that they are indeed knowledgeable in the field of ear anatomy and otoscopy and capable of providing a high-quality, safe service as health practitioners.

Enrolling on Our Course

If you are a healthcare professional looking for an introduction into Ear Anatomy and Otoscopy or a refresher of your knowledge in this area, then our course is perfect for you.

The course includes both theory-based and practical training and it not only teaches basic understanding of the ear’s anatomy, but also equips you with the knowledge and skill required to assess the health of the ear and provides you with the ability to safely practice Otoscopy in accordance with BSA guidelines.

Furthermore, the practical part helps you learn about the proper handling of an otoscope, correct bracing, and examination of the ear canal.

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If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, click here to make a booking, and secure your place today!

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