Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy Training Course


We, as proud providers of professional education courses, are pleased to announce our new training course available in Ear Anatomy and Otoscopy.

The training sessions will run fortnightly from September 2022 and will be for 3-hours (1-4pm). The course will be delivered by lead trainer and qualified audiologist Tyler-Jayne Woolman and will provide participators with a strong foundation into the world of audiology.

What will I learn about Ear Anatomy?

Participators will learn everything they need to know about the structures of the ear – particularly the outer ear, external auditory canal, middle ear, and landmarks of the tympanic membrane (eardrum). This includes the potential diseases and disorders of the outer ear and how to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy conditions of the ear canal. Participators will further learn about ear sterilisation and general ear hygiene.

What will I learn about Otoscopy?

Perhaps a better-suited question for some may even be – what is otoscopy?

Otoscopy is a clinical procedure used to examine structures of the ear, particularly the external auditory canal, tympanic membrane, and middle ear. The provider utilises the otoscope to visualise the anatomy of the ear. Whilst performing the otoscopic examination, the provider holds the handle of the otoscope and inserts the cone of the otoscope into the patient’s external auditory canal. The otoscope contains a light and magnifying lens to illuminate and enlarge ear structures to evaluate the overall health of the ear. 

What is the training day programme?

The training day programme will consist of 2-hours of theory and 1-hour of practical:

Theory (2 hrs)

Practical (1 hr)

Introduction to the course

Learn how to handle an otoscope

Ear Anatomy in detail

Learn the correct bracing positions

Otoscopy in detail

Learn how to correctly use an otoscope

Consent and documentation

Practice using an otoscope on the ears of your fellow course participators


Who can partake in the course?

This course is suitable for both beginners with no knowledge about ear anatomy or otoscopy, and for professionals in need of a refresher course.

What can I do after the course?

Once completed, participators will qualify for our Ear Wax Removal and Occupational Health Technician Training courses.

For those interested in our Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy Training Course, contact us via telephone on 01455245740 or visit the webpage to book yours now.

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