Introducing Meduc8ion’s New Trainer: Danielle Roger

Meduc8ion is thrilled to introduce our newest trainer, Danielle Roger (Danni). Danni is a skilled and dedicated occupational health technician who has joined our team to help provide top-notch training to our delegates. With her people-oriented personality and love for new challenges, she’s the perfect fit for our team, and we’re excited to have her on board.

Personality, Skills, and Experience

Danni’s excellent communication skills, combined with her vast array of skills in occupational health, make her an invaluable addition to our training team. Her people-oriented personality, love for new challenges, and commitment to excellence are evident in everything she does. Danni’s obvious dedication to expanding her knowledge and staying current in her field ensures that she provides the best possible training to our delegates. She’s currently completing a teacher/trainer qualification to further enhance her professional approach to training.

The Perfect Fit

At Meduc8ion, we believe in the power of quality training to create a healthier workforce, and Danni shares this vision. Her passion for helping people and expertise in occupational health make her the ideal fit for her role with Meduc8ion. Danni’s commitment to excellence and professional approach to training aligns perfectly with our values. She enjoys working with people and is always willing to go above and beyond to help others. We’re thrilled to have her on board, and we’re confident that her wealth of knowledge and experience will benefit our delegates immensely.

What Will Danni’s Role Involve?

As part of her role with Meduc8ion, Danni will be teaching our Occupational Health Technician and Drug and Alcohol Testing Training courses.

In the Occupational Health Technician course, Danni will be equipping delegates with the skills and knowledge to perform basic occupational health and safety tasks. With her guidance, graduates will gain the skills needed to conduct routine health screenings and environmental risk assessments, both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team. This training is essential for those responsible for delivering occupational health and safety services within an organisation.

Similarly, in the Drug and Alcohol Testing Training course, Danni will be teaching managers and supervisors how to perform random or with-cause drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, providing demonstrations on a range of different testing methods. She will also offer support and guidance to businesses developing their substance misuse policies, emphasising the importance of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of employees. Danni’s expertise and guidance are invaluable for those looking to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.

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