Introducing Priya Tank: Meduc8ion’s New Course Trainer & Business Development Manager!

We are pleased to announce that we have a new addition to our team: Priya Tank, the official face of Meduc8ion as the new business development manager and course trainer!

Priya is an accomplished audiologist with 7 years’ experience in the field, and will be running Meduc8ion in its entirety, as well as taking over both of our Earwax Removal and Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy courses. She acquired her BSc (Hons) in Audiology from University of Manchester and has spent several years both advising and assisting patients in need of hearing healthcare in the private sector.

Priya grew up with her aunt who is hard of hearing, so hearing loss is something that has always resonated closely with her, and she even spent some time shadowing at Leicester Royal Infirmary before deciding to undertake a degree in audiology. She has a myriad of experience both in clinic, and as a mobile audiologist travelling around the Midlands to deliver audiological services to hard of hearing patients.

She enjoyed various mentorship opportunities during her time at university, and this is what inspired her to take on the conjoined role of audiologist, trainer, and business development manager for Meduc8ion. “I have always had an interest in teaching, and mentoring but I didn’t want to stop being an audiologist”, Priya said. “This role is ideal because it allows me to combine my love for teaching and my love for audiology, and to interchange between the clinical and business side of hearing healthcare. I have so many ideas for the future of Meduc8ion, and I am so excited to see where this new challenge will take me”, she continued.

Priya will be spending half of her time in the clinics at Hear4U, and the other delivering and developing the training courses for Meduc8ion. When it comes to the future of Meduc8ion, Priya is already looking to implement Mental Health Awareness and Hearing Care Assistant courses. She is also excited to start an online academy, and to continue building up her team of course trainers.

She certainly marks a new chapter for Meduc8ion, and we are excited to watch the business continue to flourish under her leadership. If you wish to contact Priya with any enquiries, or to simply say hello, you can reach her by email at

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