Introducing Vaishi Sanjeevan: Meduc8ion’s New Business Development Manager!

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We are thrilled to welcome Vaishi Sanjeevan to the Meduc8ion team as our new Business Development Manager and course trainer! Vaishi brings a wealth of experience as an audiologist and hearing aid dispenser, and we are confident that her skills and passion for healthcare will propel Meduc8ion to new heights.

Vaishi’s Journey in Audiology

Vaishi’s journey in audiology began at Swansea University, where she pursued a BSC in Healthcare Science (Audiology) from 2015 to 2018. During her time at university, Vaishi gained invaluable practical experience by training in nine different hospitals across Wales through the NHS. She worked with children, performed balance tests, shadowed hearing therapists, and conducted hearing tests alongside ENT consultants. This hands-on experience honed her clinical skills and solidified her passion for helping people with hearing loss.

Personal Inspiration and Professional Growth

After graduating, Vaishi embarked on her career in the private sector, where she continued to make a positive impact in the field of audiology. However, it was her personal experience growing up with a mother who is hard of hearing and wears hearing aids that fuelled her desire to care for others with hearing loss. This deep-rooted motivation, combined with her natural aptitude for business development (thanks to both her parents being directors of companies), led her to Meduc8ion.

Expertise in Action

In her role as Business Development Manager, Vaishi will split her time between working in the clinics at Hear4U and developing Meduc8ion’s courses. As an experienced audiologist with a passion for helping other healthcare professionals develop their expertise, she will also become the lead trainer for our Earwax Removal and Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy courses. Her unique blend of clinical expertise and business acumen makes her the perfect fit for this role. Additionally, her previous experience as a clinical supervisor, where she trained audiology students, has equipped her with the skills to be an excellent trainer for Meduc8ion.

Vision for the Future

Vaishi is excited about driving Meduc8ion forward and contributing to the development of new courses that are currently in the works. Her passion for audiology and her dedication to helping people with hearing loss make her a valuable addition to our team. We have no doubt that she will play a pivotal role in expanding Meduc8ion’s offerings and making a positive impact on healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Vaishi’s expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence will undoubtedly contribute to our continued success as a leading healthcare course provider. Stay tuned for the exciting developments and new courses that Vaishi will bring to Meduc8ion. Together, we are poised to make a meaningful difference in the field of audiology and beyond. Here’s to a bright future with Vaishi on board!

Healthcare professionals attending a course/lecture

If you have any queries, or simply want to say hello to Vaishi, she can be reached at [email protected]. She is always ready to connect with fellow healthcare professionals, students, and anyone interested in audiology. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions or to learn more about Meduc8ion’s courses.

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