Meduc8ion’s Course Trainer and BDM: Now Part of BSHAA!

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We would like to warmly congratulate our course trainer and business development manager Priya Tank on officially becoming a part of BSHAA! This is exciting news for our practice and yet another significant achievement for our lead audiologist.

What Is BSHAA?

BSHAA (British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists) is the professional body representing and promoting the interests of hearing aid professionals in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as globally. Its members are highly trained audiologists with extensive experience and knowledge in the area of hearing care. The Society was founded in 1954 and currently has more than 1,600 fellows, members, or associate members on its books.

What Are the Society’s Purposes?

BSHAA promotes research and development into hearing aid technology and seeks to influence the way in which hearing care is delivered to the public. It also aims to provide support in terms of customer choice and access to hearing aid care.

Additionally, BSHAA strives to regulate practice standards by ensuring that their members and fellows participate in continuous education and constantly develop their skills in accordance with the rapidly expanding field of hearing care technology.

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What Standards Are BSHAA Members Held to?

Joining the Society is an action of commitment to the highest possible standards of both hearing care and ongoing professional development.

BSHAA members are required to meet the standards of the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) which is the official regulator set up by the UK Government to manage the Hearing Aid Dispensers register.

Furthermore, they are also expected to meet the Society’s own Code of Practice. This goes beyond HCPC’s requirements and outlines members’ responsibilities towards the society itself, as well as to clients and to the practice of Hearing Aid Audiology.

Additionally, members are signed up to BSHAA’s Customer Care Scheme and follow a clear procedure in dealing with any customer requirements or complaints.

What Does This Mean for Our Courses?

There is undoubtedly a certain level of ambiguity around the current regulations in place as to who can run healthcare courses such as earwax removal training. This is why it is of the utmost significance that individuals attending a professional healthcare course ensure that the practitioner running the course in question is, indeed, fully qualified to do so. Matters such as whether the course trainer has the required qualifications and what relevant experience they have that makes them suitable to deliver said course should be carefully considered.

We at Meduc8ion believe that safe practice should be at the top of every healthcare provider’s priority list. Having a BSHAA member as our course trainer demonstrates that our courses are run by a highly experienced and registered healthcare professional who is fully qualified to deliver the educational material covered. This ensures that our graduates partake in a comprehensive, in-depth programme and have the theoretical and practical knowledge required to practice safely and confidently upon completion of the courses.

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