New Course Calendar is Now Available!

We at Meduc8ion are delighted to announce that due to the ongoing successes of our celebrated CPD-accredited courses, we are now able to offer a whole host of extra dates for the upcoming year.

The two programmes that will be affected are the Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy and Earwax Removal Training courses. Since they work so well in combination with each other, we are now offering complimentary dates for the entirety of 2023. Book in yours soon before you miss out – at the time of writing, we are now fully booked until October 2022!

The anticipated dates can be seen in the table below. Do note that all dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, but also that if any changes do occur, we will do our utmost to ensure that the course is adequately rearranged or that you are fairly reimbursed.

 Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy2-Day Earwax Removal
JANUARY11th12th & 13th
25th26th & 27th
FEBRUARY8th9th & 10th
22nd23rd & 24th
MARCH8th13th & 14th
22nd23rd & 24th
APRIL12th13th & 14th
26th27th & 28th
MAY10th11th & 12th
24th25th & 26th
JUNE14th15th & 16th
28th29th & 30th
JULY12th13th & 14th
26th27th & 28th
AUGUST9th10th & 11th
23rd24th & 25th
SEPTEMBER13th14th & 15th
27th28th & 29th
OCTOBER11th12th & 13th
25th26th & 27th
NOVEMBER8th9th & 10th
22nd23rd & 24th
DECEMBER6th7th & 8th
20th21st & 22nd

For detailed descriptions of what the courses entail, why not head over to or to check course availability as well as a whole host of extra information.  

Alternatively, you are free to get in touch with Meduc8ion’s manager, Emma Grogan, via email at or to call our head office on (+44) 01455245740.

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