CPD-Accredited Real-Patient Earwax Removal Training

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CPD-Accredited Real-Patient Earwax Removal Training

Our comprehensive 2-day course is specifically designed for healthcare professionals looking to enhance their skillset in earwax removal. It encompasses a detailed exploration of three methods for earwax removal, ensuring a versatile and in-depth understanding. The programme combines rigorous theoretical training with practical field experience, providing a balanced approach to learning. This course is an excellent opportunity for professionals to acquire and refine the essential skills needed for proficient earwax removal.

The course is delivered by two distinguished professionals in the field of ear health. Vaishi Sanjeevan, a leading audiologist, and Donna Newitt, an expert in earwax removal, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the programme. Their dedication to patient care and extensive expertise in ear health and earwax removal techniques make them exceptional guides for this learning journey.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of nourishment during intensive training sessions. Hence, we provide lunch on both days of the course. This arrangement ensures that participants can focus on their learning experience without the inconvenience of arranging their meals.

The course provides all of the essential equipment needed for training in various earwax removal techniques. However, participants are required to bring their own loupes and an otoscope. For those who do not have these items, we offer the option to purchase them directly from us, ensuring you have everything needed for a comprehensive learning experience.

We understand that financial flexibility can be crucial for many of our participants. To accommodate this, we offer an interest-free monthly payment service. This option allows you to spread the cost of the course over a period, making it more manageable and accessible.

We can provide you with the list of hotels.

Earwax (or ‘cerumen’) is a naturally occurring substance that is produced by the ceruminous and sebaceous glands of the outer ear canal. It protects the ear canal by lubricating, cleaning, and fighting bacteria.

Excess buildup is more common than you might think. In the UK, it is estimated that 2.3 million people per year have problems with earwax. There are many reasons for this, and it can happen at any age (although far likelier for the elderly). Some people simply produce more wax than others, some work in dusty environments or overuse cotton buds, some wear headphones or hearing aids constantly: whatever the reason, it’s an extremely common affliction to have.

2.3 million is a huge potential number of clients – especially when considering that the NHS no longer provides its removal service. That is why Meduc8ion offers a two-day course delivered by Trainer and Audiologist Vaishi Sanjeevan and Earwax Removal Specialist Donna Newitt. Our purpose is to train the requisite proficiency and skillsets to healthcare professionals in the service of removing earwax by all three available methods.

Due to the flexibility of earwax removal – in that it can be completed either at home or in a suitable clinic – there is a great number of options for qualified practitioners. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Fantastic Profitability

As a qualified earwax removal specialist, you will be able to command fees upwards of £80 for between 15 and 30 minutes per session.

  • Flexible Working Hours

Whether you choose to work for a couple of hours or you have time to work all day is entirely up to you.

We operate an extensive referral system across the country which allows you to access client referrals continually. This means that you can consistently get access to the work you need.

  • Home or Away Service

With the training we provide, you are able to perform earwax removal service either at your home or at that of your patient’s.

  • CPD Points for Your Portfolio

Thanks to our CPD accreditation, you can now add those all-important points to your ongoing training!

  • Constant Demand

Because built-up earwax is such a common condition, there will always be a ready supply of clients for you to help.

With lockdown restrictions now all but gone, there can be no better time to enrol – so why not book your training course here and broaden your horizons!

Microsuction for earwax removal is the most commonly used technique that a doctor is likely to recommend to patients. The procedure is quite simple: a slender nozzle with a miniature vacuum is gently inserted into the ear so that the excess wax can be siphoned out. The entire process shouldn’t take too long and once the wax is dislodged, you will remove it with either the vacuum itself, a small pair of forceps or a Jobson Horne (see below).

Water irrigation is the method of wax removal most used by primary healthcare facilities – though, in the last couple of years, funding for this is service in GP surgeries is slowly being withdrawn. Based upon traditional ear syringing, water irrigation consists of a jet of water being used to flush wax, debris and foreign bodies out of the ear canal. Unlike the now-superseded water syringing, ear irrigation is far more precise and aims for the wall of the ear canal, reducing any risk associated by applying pressure to the tympanic membrane (eardrum).

Manual earwax removal is the combined use of a Jobson Horne (a specialised tool that is part curette, part cotton holder) and a pair of forceps (a delicate pair of scissor-like tongs). You will be trained on how to deftly and expertly remove built-up earwax from within the test subject’s ear. This method requires a high degree of skill, and it is not recommended that you do this without formal training.

CPD-Accredited Real-Patient Earwax Removal Training


This certified earwax removal course is conducted by leading audiologist Vaishi Sanjeevan and its aim is to provide healthcare professionals with the necessary skillset for performing earwax removal by three different methods. The course provides thorough theory-based training in addition to field practice and is designed to allow the technician to perform the service both at the workplace or to the general public.

CPD Accredited


Main Benefits

  • Training in various methods: Provides training in 3 professional earwax removal methods instead of just 1.
  • Hands-on experience: Field training is essential for ensuring that you are as confident and capable as possible in your practice.
  • Community for support: We have an organised group for professionals willing to assist earwax removal specialists with any questions they might have about all 3 methods of ear wax removal.
  • Hassle-free work leads: Our Earwax Removal Specialists team will keep you busy, providing you with work in accordance with your availability.

Who is this course suitable for?

The course has been specially designed to benefit individuals involved in the clinical field at any skill level. It is appropriate for:

  • Audiologists
  • Audiological Scientists
  • Hearing Aid Dispensers
  • General Practitioners
  • Physician Associates
  • ENT Specialists
  • Nurses
  • Allied Healthcare Professionals
  • Pharmacists
  • Occupational Health Technicians
  • Hearing Care Assistants
  • Foot Care Practitioners

In case you are unsure whether this course would be suitable for you, please give us a call on 01455 245740 and we would be happy to advise you appropriately.

Training Program

Day 1- Theory

  • Introduction
  • Statistics
  • Anatomy, disorders & earwax in detail
  • Cerumenolytics
  • Consent & documentation
  • Irrigation vs. microsuction vs. instruments
  • Medico-legal issues & studies on risks associated with microsuction

Day 2- Field Practice

The second day of the course will provide you with the hands-on experience you need to confidently practice otoscopy, irrigation and manual instruments usage on patients who need earwax removal.


The course will provide all of the equipment required for training in various methods of earwax removal (listed below), with the exception of loupes and an otoscope, which participants are required to bring on their own. However, these items are also available for purchase from us.

  • Ear Irrigator
  • Suction Unit
  • Zoellner Pen Suction Probes
  • Irrigator Tips
  • Glasses Loupes
  • Otoscope Diagnostic Examination Set
  • Noots Aluminium Ear Tank
  • Metal Ear Speculum
  • Gloves
  • Disposable Aprons
  • Jobson Horne Probes
  • Forceps

Trainer- Vaishi Sanjeevan

Vaishi Sanjeevan is an experienced audiologist with a deep-rooted passion for helping individuals with hearing loss. With a BSc in Healthcare Science (Audiology) from Swansea University and extensive practical experience gained through training in multiple hospitals across Wales, Vaishi has honed her clinical skills and developed a strong commitment to patient care. Her unique blend of clinical knowledge and passion for teaching other healthcare professionals makes her the ideal trainer for those looking to enhance their expertise in the field of audiology.


The first day of the course will be run at our Headquarters in Hinckley:

6 New Buildings
LE10 1HW

Day two will be spent at our busiest hearing centre where you will be able to acquire hands-on experience with our expert team:

13 King St
LE10 1QT


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a personalised certificate from Meduc8ion, along with a certificate confirming your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.


We can recommend insurance at a competitive cost which you will be able to take out after completion of the course.

Pricing and Payment

The pricing of this course is only £1050. This includes two days of training with lunch provided.

Meduc8ion, we understand the importance of flexibility and convenience when it comes to payment options. That’s why we offer a variety of payment methods to suit every need, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters – enhancing your skills and knowledge. Here are our available payment options:

Online Booking and PayPal

When you book through our website, PayPal may offer the option to pay in 3 interest free instalments, subject to a credit check. This flexible option can make managing payments easier for you.

Pay by

Simply give us a ring, and we can process your payment over the phone quickly and securely.


After registering for a course, we'll send you an invoice complete with our bank details, allowing you to make a bank transfer at your convenience up to 4 weeks before the course date.

GoCardless Direct Debit

For ultimate convenience, we can set up a direct debit payment plan tailored to your preferences through GoCardless, ensuring hassle-free, automatic payments according to your schedule.


Choose Klarna at checkout to either pay in three equal instalments, interest-free, or make the full payment after a month. This way, you can take the course now and pay later, making it easier to budget for your training.

Do read through our terms and conditions which can be found here.

Book Your Spot

In order to secure your place for this course, select the available date that is suitable for you on the calendar above.

Alternatively, you could contact our expert team with your booking enquiry:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01455 245 740 (Available between 9:00am-4:30pm from Monday to Friday)


Vaishi Profile Picture

Vaishi Sanjeevan is an experienced audiologist with a deep-rooted passion for helping individuals with hearing loss. With a BSc in Healthcare Science (Audiology) from Swansea University and extensive practical experience gained through training in multiple hospitals across Wales, Vaishi has honed her clinical skills and developed a strong commitment to patient care. Her unique blend of clinical knowledge and passion for teaching other healthcare professionals makes her the ideal trainer for those looking to enhance their expertise in the field of audiology.

Donna Newitt is a registered Healthcare Assistant, who has over 20 years experience in performing all methods of ear wax removal . Donna is working with us across all our Hear4U branches and also runs the ACHE contract for on behalf of the PCT for Leicestershire NHS. She is one of our most experienced ear wax removal specialists.

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