To the Future of Healthcare and Beyond: Why We Do What We Do

We look to the future of healthcare. As technology progresses, and the knowledge in the healthcare field widens, we need to ensure that those providing healthcare services maintain confidence in their area of specialism by continuing safe practice and a high level of professionalism, all whilst maintaining an intellectual acuity and staying up-to-date with relevant contemporary knowledge. We, at Meduc8ion value four things: knowledge, zeal, active learning and safe practice.

At present, Meduc8ion offers four courses all within the realm of audiology and occupational health. These are the Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy to provide beginners with a foundation into the world of audiology, the Earwax Removal which enhances the proficiency and skillsets of hearing healthcare professionals, the Occupational Health Technician course aimed for those who contribute to the delivery of occupational health services within an organisation, and the Drug & Alcohol course used to ensure that safety and sobriety are maintained within the workplace.

From where we stand, we believe that we are not only sharpening the skillsets of pre-existing healthcare professionals but also contributing to the training and growth of the next and upcoming generation. So, for all those wondering, what does Meduc8ion offer:

Small Groups

Small groups create a personal and intimate atmosphere, so we recognise the importance of learning in them. They allow the learner to feel like a person and not just a face, but equally, allow the trainer to examine and observe each learner individually. It is easier to build trust and unity in small groups, and course attendees are more likely to feel engaged and motivated. They further encourage those who require help or further elaboration to ask for it.

Real-Life Practical Experience

Unlike many other training course providers, Meduc8ion do not use dummies for practical. Instead, our course attendees will be required to practice what they have learnt on one another. This is to enable each individual to practice techniques in a way that resembles a real-life scenario.

Detailed Theory Sessions

Theory sessions provide all course attendees with a thorough introduction to the course, along with all of the facts, statistics and information they will need to know about the relevant topics discussed, the equipment, legal studies and any risks they may encounter, and how to conduct safe practice. This is always conducted before any hands-on practical experience.

Lunch Provided

Our course attendees will not have to bring or buy lunch whilst they are training with us, for it will be provided! Just make sure that we are aware of any allergies you may have. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better too.

Equipment Included (Optional)

We offer two options: the course only, or the course with equipment included. Many healthcare professionals will already have their own equipment that they can bring, but for those who do not, there is an option to purchase the relevant equipment for an additional fee.

What is yet to come:

Real Ear Measurements

Real-ear measurements, sometimes called probe microphone measurements, is the gold standard used to determine whether or not a hearing aid user is receiving the precise level of amplification needed at every frequency in order to achieve the best hearing improvement possible.

During real-ear measurements, a thin probe microphone is inserted into the ear canal alongside the hearing aid. The audiologist obtains readings of the exact sound levels the user is receiving from the hearing aid while listening to various recorded speech samples. The audiologist can then precisely adjust the sound levels to match target amplification levels based on the hearing aid user’s hearing loss across the speech frequencies.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health awareness is becoming ever more prevalent in the world of occupational health. We will aim to enhance the understanding of common mental health conditions, including when and why one might experience mental health problems and how to go about helping someone affected by them.

We will provide practices to regularly evaluate your own mental state which will increase your overall mental wellbeing, and we will also explain how you can help others affected by any mental health issues. This includes how to approach conversations surrounding the potentially delicate nature of someone’s mental health and where to go for additional support. This course will include all industries and professions with information about all of the responsibilities and duties of both employers and employees. 


Tympanometry is a medical test that measures the function and movement of the eardrum and middle ear. The results of tympanometry are represented on a graph called a tympanogram. The test is usually quick and painless, unless the eardrum or middle ear are inflamed. 

Tympanometry can be performed be a hearing healthcare professional. First, the clinician will do a visual inspection of the ear canal and eardrum using an otoscope. Then, a probe with a flexible rubber tip will be placed in the ear. This probe is then attached to a tympanometer.

Aural Swabbing

This is a procedure used to test for ear infections. An aural swab is where a sample of an ear infection is taken via a sterile medical cotton buds and sent back to a laboratory for testing. The laboratory will then send the results back to a person’s GP so that they can get prescribed the correct antibiotics for treatment.

Word has it that a Hearing Care Assistant course is also on the cards...

For all enquiries regarding Meduc8ion’s courses, either fill out our form or contact Priya Tank at

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