Tympanometry Complete Aural Care Course


Tympanometry is not a procedure you would usually see offered in private audiology clinics, this is possibly due to the fact that in a private clinic we don’t necessarily need to know what the middle ear is doing to be able to test the hearing and fit hearing aid. We believe that private audiology clinics should be more aware of the complete aural care of their clients, therefore tympanometry plays a big part in this.

Benefits to YOUR clinic:

Tympanometry is a valuable component in the process of audiometric evaluation. The tympanogram will show whether there is a possible ossicular issue, or whether there is fluid behind the eardrum. Either way, you can be more precise with the advice you give to your client and the possible referral you will send to the GP.

Why does it benefit YOUR clients?

In a majority of cases, you will find your tympanogram showing “normal” results, to a client this is peace of mind. In fewer cases, you will find the tympanogram will show abnormal results and these can be included in a referral to the GP.


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