Aural Swabbing Training

Aural Swabbing can be used to diagnose infection and improve the quality of service provided to your clients

Aural Swabbing

Completing an aural swab for a person who has an infection is an invaluable procedure, however, it is not completed by GP’s the first time around. Instead, a general antibiotic is prescribed which leads to an ongoing infection with several unnecessary visits to the GP. This is until either an aural swab is taken or the person is referred to an ENT specialist. This process wastes the client’s time, the GP’s time and puts the person under unnecessary stress.

Your clients will be able to build on their trust with your as their aural healthcare provider and it’ll benefit them by saving precious time and stress.

On completion of the course, you will receive a reputable certificate from us that you can display in your clinics, and a prestigious “Aural Infection Control” logo to display on your website.

Benefits to YOUR clinic:

This certificate will benefit your audiology-based business by providing you with skills to perform procedures that are valuable, time-saving, and extra service for patients who have been given the wrong treatment by the NHS or other medical practices. It’ll be a service that can bring more accreditation to your clinic and allow it to expand into the field of aural swabbing. As well as a backlink to our website, to increase your SEO rating. This improves your ranking on web browsers across the world resulting in increased business for your practices.

Why are we doing this?

The Ear Wax Removal Specialists have decided enough is enough! We have put in place a private aural swabbing service that will ensure that no time is wasted, and the infection is treated correctly the first time around, saving the client from escalated symptoms.

Our CEO came across a client with re-occurring ear infections for 20 years, after a while she asked what the reason for them was and was surprised to learn that the client never had a swab taken. After completing a swabbing procedure she sent the sample off to the surgery and her client was pleased to have received a treatment that allowed her to be infection-free after 20 years!

Currently, as far as we know, we are the only private clinic where an aural swab is offered. We would like it to become another skillset in Audiologists ever-expanding role in looking after our client’s ear health within the UK, and strengthen our working relationship with the medical profession.



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