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Learn the valuable skill of aural swabbing and earn a reputable certificate from us upon completion of our training course.

As one of the few private clinics offering this service, you can expand your audiology-based business, save time, and provide an extra valuable service for patients.

Join us in improving ear health care in the UK!

Aural Swabbing

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Benefits to YOUR clinic:

This certificate will benefit your audiology business by providing you with skills to perform procedures that are valuable, time-saving, and a beneficial extra service for patients who have been given the wrong treatment by the NHS or other medical practices. This service can bring more accreditations to your clinic and allow you to expand into the field of aural swabbing.

Why are we doing this?

The Ear Wax Removal Specialists have decided enough is enough! We have put in place a private aural swabbing service that will ensure no time is wasted, and the infection is treated correctly the first time around, saving the client from escalated symptoms.

Our CEO came across a client with re-occurring ear infections for 20 years, after a while she asked what was the reason for them and was surprised to learn that the client had never had a swab taken. After completing a swabbing procedure, she sent the sample off to the surgery and her client was pleased to receive a treatment that allowed her to be infection-free after 20 years!

Currently, as far as we know, we are the only private clinic where an aural swab is offered. We would like it to become another skillset in Audiologists ever-expanding roles in looking after our client’s ear health within the UK, and strengthen our working relationship with the medical profession.

Main Benefits:

  • Gain valuable skills to perform aural swabbing procedures correctly and efficiently.
  • Display a reputable certificate and a prestigious “Aural Infection Control” logo to increase your clinic’s accreditation.
  • Offer a valuable, time-saving service to your patients who may have been given the wrong treatment by the NHS or other medical practices.
  • Expand your clinic’s services and strengthen your working relationship with the medical profession.
  • Provide a solution to clients with recurring ear infections and save them from escalated symptoms by treating the infection correctly the first time around.

Who Is This Course Suitable for?

This course will be suitable for all audiologists or other hearing care professionals who wish to learn to perform real ear measurements correctly.

Training Programme

  • The training programme of this course will include:
  • Introduction to aural swabbing
  • Identifying common ear infections
  • Understanding infection control procedures
  • Demonstrations of aural swabbing technique
  • Hands-on practice of aural swabbing on models or volunteers
  • Review of sample collection and preparation for testing
  • Q&A session and wrap-up.

Trainer- Vaishi Sanjeevan

Vaishi Sanjeevan is an experienced audiologist with a deep-rooted passion for helping individuals with hearing loss. With a BSc in Healthcare Science (Audiology) from Swansea University and extensive practical experience gained through training in multiple hospitals across Wales, Vaishi has honed her clinical skills and developed a strong commitment to patient care. Her unique blend of clinical knowledge and passion for teaching other healthcare professionals makes her the ideal trainer for those looking to enhance their expertise in the field of audiology.


The course will take place at our training centre located in Hinckley:

6 New Buildings
LE10 1HW


Upon completion of the course, you will receive your certification via email within the following week.

Pricing and Payment

The price for this course is currently to be confirmed, so please keep an eye out for updates if you’re interested in enrolling.

Register Your Interest

To register your interest in this course, please use the contact form at the top of the page.

Alternatively, you can contact our readily available team with your enquiry:

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: 01455 245 740 (Available between 9:00am-4:30pm from Monday to Friday)


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