Welcome Connor Haywood: the New Face of Our Occupational Health Technician Course

Connor Haywood, trainer for Occupational Health Technician Course

Meduc8ion is thrilled to announce the addition of Connor Haywood to our team of trainers. Bringing valuable experience and keen interest in occupational health, Connor joins our Occupational Health Technician Course ready to share his expertise and insights with those looking to gain practical knowledge in this field.

Connor’s Background

With a BA in Sport Development and Management and a history of teaching Physical Education at the secondary level, Connor has developed a deep understanding of physical wellbeing and its importance across all aspects of life.

His journey took an exciting turn with his role at British Triathlon, where he was crucial in organising the World Championship in Leeds. This experience honed his expertise in health and safety management under pressure, a skillset that perfectly transitions into the domain of occupational health.

Connor’s diverse career path, from educating young minds about physical health to ensuring the safety of athletes at major sporting events, has equipped him with a comprehensive perspective on health and safety. His lifelong dedication to wellness has led him to occupational health, where he looks forward to equipping course participants with essential health and safety practices.

Enhancing Training with Real-World Expertise

At Meduc8ion, we value trainers who not only posses a deep understanding of their subject but also actively engage in their field, and Connor exemplifies this. As an occupational health technician, he brings current, real-world experience to our course. This active involvement ensures that Connor is not just teaching from past experiences but is also up to date with the latest practices and challenges in occupational health. His combination of sports management, educational background, and hands-on occupational health experience offers our participants a rich learning experience.

About the Occupational Health Technician Course

With Connor’s expertise now enriching our team, Meduc8ion continues to offer our Occupational Health Technician Course. This course is tailored for individuals who, although lacking formal occupational health qualifications, contribute to their organisation’s health and safety practices.

Course Features:

  • No Prior Qualifications Needed: Open to all without the need for formal occupational health specialist qualifications, making it highly accessible.
  • Compact Duration: A concise, 3-day format that packs essential knowledge and skills without requiring a lengthy commitment.
  • Hands-on Experience: Offers practical training in routine health screenings, empowering participants with actionable skills.
  • Comprehensive Programme: Covers the full spectrum of occupational health technician services, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application.

This course presents an excellent opportunity for those tasked with health and safety responsibilities, offering foundational skills within a dynamic and supportive learning environment.

Final Notes

As we welcome Connor to our team, we’re excited about the wealth of knowledge and real-world experience he brings to our Occupational Health Technician Course. His dedication and expertise offer a unique opportunity for participants to learn from a professional actively engaged in the field.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your professional development with guidance from an expert in the field, we encourage you to learn more about this valuable course. Click the button below for detailed information on course content, registration dates, and how you can join a community of learners dedicated to making a difference in their workplaces.

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