Aural Protection and Impression Taking

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Aural Protection and Impression Taking

Who Is This Course Suitable for?

This course is ideal for Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers, Earcare Specialists, and Healthcare Professionals looking to advance their skills in audiology and learn to practice safe impression taking.

London Edition

WS Audiology Limited (Signia)
Endeavour House
Crawley Business Quarter
Manor Royal
RH10 9LW

Aural Protection and Impression Taking


Delivered by Meduc8ion, the Aural Protection and Impression Taking course is an intensive one-day programme designed for audiologists and healthcare professionals. Led by experienced audiologist Vaishi Sanjeevan, this course aims to enhance practical skills in ear impression taking, deepen your understanding of ear anatomy and health, and provide comprehensive knowledge about ear protection.

CPD Accredited


Main Benefits:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of ear anatomy and physiology.
  • Learn to identify ear abnormalities and understand referral guidelines.
  • Master impression-taking techniques and recognise contraindications.
  • Practice safe impression taking in accordance with current guidelines.
  • Understand the implications of poor impression-taking techniques.
  • Learn about the importance of aural protection and the different types available.
  • Understand the principles of ear protection for various environments and professions.

Who Is This Course Suitable for?

This course is ideal for audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, ear care specialists, and all healthcare professionals looking to advance their skills in audiology. It is especially beneficial for those who want to learn to practice safe impression taking and understand the principles and types of ear protection.

Training Programme

  1. Introduction to Ear Protection
    • What is ear protection and why it is required
    • Different types of ear protection


  2. Employer Responsibilities
    • Legal duties of employers in protecting their employees’ hearing in loud environments


  3. Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear
    • Basic anatomy and physiology of the outer, middle, and inner ear
    • Identification of ear abnormalities
    • Guidelines for ear impression taking


  4. Practical Training in Ear Impression Taking
    • Hands-on practice in ear impression taking
    • Recognising and avoiding contraindications
    • Effects of improper impression-taking techniques


Participants are required to bring their own otoscope, which can be purchased from Meduc8ion. All other necessary equipment will be provided during the training.

Trainer- Vaishi Sanjeevan

Vaishi Sanjeevan is an experienced audiologist with a deep-rooted passion for helping individuals with hearing loss. With a BSc in Healthcare Science (Audiology) from Swansea University and extensive practical experience gained through training in multiple hospitals across Wales, Vaishi has honed her clinical skills and developed a strong commitment to patient care. Her expertise in audiology and passion for teaching other healthcare professionals make her an exceptional guide for professionals seeking to learn safe impression taking and understand ear protection.


This session will be kindly hosted by WS Audiology. The course will be held at:

WS Audiology Limited (Signia)
Endeavour House
Crawley Business Quarter
Manor Royal
RH10 9LW


Upon completion, participants will receive a Meduc8ion certificate and confirmation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.

Pricing and Payment

The course fee is £500, inclusive of a full day’s training and lunch.

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