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Real Ear Measurements​

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Real Ear Measurements:
Real Ear Measurements can sometimes be confusing – well be confused no more! We are planning to offer training on Manual Real Ear Measurements.

Benefits to YOUR clinic:
Real Ear Measurements are a GOLD STANDARD procedure used to OBJECTIVELY verify frequency response, therefore to truly understand the procedure and complete the procedure correctly is an invaluable skill for an audiologist to have. Research has shown that a correctly completed REM will reduce the number of times a client may visit your clinic for further adjustments – in turn increasing the amount of time you have available for booking those important new hearing tests, resulting in increased sales.

Why does it benefit YOUR clients?
Real Ear Measurements ensure that hearing devices are set appropriately to provide optimal prescribed gain and output in users’ ears. The measurement is objective, which is obviously more reliable than subjective measurements like in-situ audiometry. This means the client benefits from the correct prescription sooner, and is less likely to return for unnecessary follow up appointments.


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